Hiking & Backpacking

The Hiking Committee is made up of Mountaineers members interested in hiking and backpacking.

Many of us seek the solitude of the wilderness, while others are interested in great views. Still others like the challenge and fitness that comes from hiking back country trails.

To lead hikes for the Foothills Branch, hike leaders must attend a hike leader orientation course and lead one hike mentored by an experienced hike leader.

The Hiking Committee:

The Hiking Committee is a group of volunteers who teach hiking-related courses, some are hike & backpacking leaders, and promote safety and fun among Mountaineer hike participants.


The following Courses are offered by the Hiking Committee:

  • New Hiker’s Orientation – Equipment, clothing, boots, Ten Essentials, safety, trip planning and more.
  • Hike Leader Orientation – Skills to organize and lead hikes.
  • Intro to Backpacking – (Short weekend Backpacks)
  • Lightweight Hiking & Backpacking

Hikes & Backpacks

Choose a hike for your level of fitness and interest.

The Hiking & Backpacking Committee offers a variety of hikes.

The surest way to a bad experience with the Mountaineers is to sign up for a hike beyond your capabilities. Start small and work your way up to longer and more difficult hikes. Remember, almost all Mountaineer hikes have some elevation gain. So if you are not accustomed to hiking in mountainous terrain start with a short distance and low elevation gain. If hiking is a social activity, sign up for leisurely paced hikes. If hiking is your way of getting a good workout, try faster paced hikes.

Hiking Committee Policies

Who is eligible to go on hikes & backpacks with the Mountaineers Foothills Branch?

a. Mountaineer members
b. Guests may go on 2 hikes per year, but must have a singed waiver on file.
c. Everyone is responsible for being at the appropriate level of conditioning, wearing adequate clothing and having essential gear.
d. Pets are not allowed on Mountaineer hikes unless listed as “Hikes with dogs”.

How do I sign up for a hike?

The best way is to view hike listings and sign up on the main Mountaineers web site. To view Foothills Branch hikes, chick on “Hikes”. To view other branch hikes go to the main web site: www.mountainers.org and select activity search.

Carpooling to the hike trail head is encouraged.

Cancellations – Please cancel at least two days before the hike.

What equipment do I need?

The following equipment is required on all Foothills Branch hikes:

1. The Ten Essentials
2. Daypack
3. Food and water.
4. Sturdy boots and clothing suitable for the destination, weather and length of hike.

For addition information on Foothills Branch hikes, please send e-mail to info@foothillsmountaineers.org