5 Foothills Hikes to Try

Looking for a few hikes to tryout in the Foothills? We hear you. Give some of these a try and let us know what you think!

Mount Pilchuk

Location: With Mt. Pilchuk hike, you are sure to experience one of the most thrilling hikes in Washington, USA. It is always heavily crowed with hikers from all parts of the US, especially on the weekends. It is located in the Northern Cascades and the roundtrip to Mt. Pilchuk is approx 5.4 miles, its elevation is 2300 ft and the highest point is 5327ft.

What you will find: You will remember it for its mesmerizing view. You maybe fortunate enough to see the entire Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and the Olympics from the peak. Many people describe this view as unforgettable and we tend to agree. Mt Pilchuk is sometimes obstructed due to snow, so you need to proceed with caution.

Rattlesnake Ledge Trail

It is located in the famous I-90 corridor hiking and climbing zone.

Location: The easiest and the most accessible hiking venue, The Rattlesnake is located Near North Bend on I-90 and you have to pass through Cedar Falls Road SE which is 4 miles to the parking area of The Rattlesnake. Its distance is just 2 miles and elevation is 2100 feet.

What you will find: There is not much climbing, nor will it take much time as it is just 2 miles. However, it will still give you the feel of a mountain climbing and the view is also breath taking. It is accessible throughout the year and the view over the Cedar River Watershed and Chester Morse Lake is panoramic. There are other fine views like Mt. Si, Mailbox Peak and the Snoqualmie Valley.

Beaver Lake Preserve

Location: It is located in the Issaquah Alps and its length is 1.2 miles, which includes a round trip too. Its elevation is 50 ft and the highest point is 460 ft. There is no parking pass or entry fee required.

What you will find: It is a complete forest trail, so don’t come expecting views of lakes or other running water features on this hike. It is actually a forest preserve located north of Beaver Lake in Sammamish. The trail covers an extensive forest route with lots of large green trees on both the sides. You will find both coniferous and deciduous trees. You will not find any lake on the trail but still there are places of standing water. The path is also covered with hanging ferns and mosses. However, as the path is under dark forest, you might encounter black bear and other wild animals, so be alert!

Cedar River Trail

Location: It’s located in the Renton-Maple Valley and its round trip comes to approx 34 miles. Its highest point is 50 ft and it can also be accessed through public transit system.

What you can find: The trail follows the Cedar River from its origin point in Lake Washington in Renton and moves up to the boundary of the Cedar River Watershed. You will witness the access points to Lake Washington, Renton, the Cedar River Park, Ron Regis Park, Big Bend Natural Area, and Cedar Grove Park all along the trail. It is an ideal hangout option for weekends for people who love hiking, however you can also plan a family visit during weekdays.

Umtanum Creek Falls

Location: It is located in Central Washington, Yakima. It covers a distance of 3 miles in the entire to and fro movement. Its elevation is 700 ft and the highest point is 2000ft.

What you will find: The entire trail is covered with Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine. You will also find lots of wild flowers along the route like yellow desert-parsley, bitterbrush, bluebells and squaw currant. Carry your binoculars with you so that you can see the spectacular birds like the woodpeckers and the bluebirds. It is an easy hiking path and you will enjoy it along with your family and kids. You will also witness the Grand Canyon walls along the trail and can also opt for the top view and reach the highest point of the hike.


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